The Businesses That Come To Us Have A Common Set Of Problems:

• Tech Team’s Growth Is Outpacing The Tech Leadership’s Ability To Keep Order
• Company Is Unable To Deliver Tech Product Or Service And Tech Leadership Is Unable To Explain Why
• Product Vision And Technology Capabilities Are Not A Match
• Tech Leadership Is Vacant, Inexperienced Or Otherwise Undeveloped
• No Visibility Into Development Pipeline, And Product Is Not Complete Or Is Of Low Quality
• Tech Team Needs Help On How To Position Company For Next Round Of Funding
• Company Does Not Have An Effective Message For Customers Or Investors, Or Has A Muddled Message


• Interim/Fractional CTO/CIO/CISO

Lead your tech team when prior leader has been promoted, terminated or resigned

• Executive coach & mentor

Work with new technology leaders to develop leadership skills

• Tech Scorecard

Assessment of your tech organization with recommendations for remedial actions

• Oversee product and engineering roadmaps

To ensure a product is competitive, robust, secure, reliable

• Establish key partnerships

For the business in terms of product and engineering around integrations, non-core elements, outsourcing, etc.

• Build and scale

The product/engineering teams and development capabilities 


• Turned around failing $25 million travel tech initiative from AAA that had produced no working product for 2.5 years

• Led development of the first Web Services management platform that was used by American Express, British Telecom, later acquired

• Ran technology strategy for several financial services clients to ensure close fit between organization growth targets and new product investments

• Created a 3-year digital transformation plan for manufacturing business to allow for growth through tech-related initiatives

• Advised several startups on strategy and process for creating the best tech and product team to get next round of funding

• Created B2B product with $40 million budget, 300-person team across 5 countries, then helped sell to airline clients and grow it to $120 million business