E-Commerce Strategy For Businesses With Complex Needs

When you have a business that exists in the real world, e-commerce isn’t just about jumping onto a hosted platform like BigCommerce or Shopify Plus.

Taxes, accounting, CRM, Shipping, Warehousing, Customer Support – your business systems need to work with your e-Commerce strategy.

Talk to us about how to take your business, with all the systems you use, into e-Commerce.

case studies

Fuel Pump Manufacturer

An established leader in the fuel pump, diesel engine, and related systems approached us to help them with their e-commerce strategy.

Their accounting and tax system, Accvantage, was already in place. They required their e-commerce platform to work with Accvantage so that there was no manual data input. 

They also had a custom shipping solution with UPS, which they needed to work with their e-commerce system. 

Working with their team, our  experts created and refined their product catalog. Using best practices, we worked to introduce buyer personas. The customer journey was defined and supported via a well-designed site with multiple touchpoints for visitors.

At the end of our engagement, we had successfully implemented an integrated e-commerce platform for the client on BigCommerce. With our custom marketing strategy bringing in a steady flow of visitors through Google Ads, we were able to lead increasing numbers of potential buyers through an effective and profitable customer journey. 

Travel Products

One of the largest membership organizations in North America wanted to sell their travel products online. They had negotiated rates for air, car, hotel, and vacation packages that positioned them very well in the travel market. However, their systems had grown over many years to support their current business and customers. They wanted to keep those systems in place while adding e-commerce capabilities.

We went over their business plans to identify where and how they could grow via e-commerce. We also identified all the current systems that their e-commerce platform would need to integrate with. Finally, we devised a customer acquisition strategy to extend their reach beyond their membership.

We implemented their platform on Magento. Over the implementation period, we connected with their CRM (Salesforce), HR (Peoplesoft), and Tax (Avalara) systems. To extend the e-commerce platform, we also provided a reporting system that membership organizations could subscribe to.

This E-Commerce platform has now grown in transaction volume and profitability every year. Facebook and Google Ad campaigns pull in targeted visitors, and the platform is optimized regularly to support the customer journey from first visit to one or more purchases.

We have decades of experience in solving very complex e-commerce integration problems.

Since 1997, eProxim has had one goal: solve complex technology problems so that our clients can focus on running and growing their business.

From our offices in Metro Atlanta, USA, our team of Senior Software Architects, Solution Designers, Software Engineers, User Interface Engineers, and Project Managers provide best-in-class services to our e-commerce clients across the globe.

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