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Cloud Transformation

A manufacturing giant found that moving their data and applications to the cloud was far more complex than planned. Their migration was running behind schedule. They kept finding massive performance bottlenecks.

Our cloud transformation experts introduced the eProxim CloudOps Method (ECM) to their team. Using best practices from ECM, we worked with the client’s team to rearchitect their solution. At the end of our engagement, the client had successfully migrated their data and applications to a hybrid cloud. Performance bottlenecks had been identified and resolved with excellent design. 

Payment Processing

One of the largest payment processing companies in the USA wanted to process hundreds of millions of settlement transactions as they were received, in real time.

The business saw providing this level of real-time information as a competitive advantage for itself.

A legacy computing solution for this business case was projected to be very expensive. Instead, we created a system that was based on an in-memory computing and data platform, using a private cloud. Using this system, our client is able to address transactions running into hundreds of thousands per second when needed.

We have decades of experience in solving very complex integration problems.

Since 1997, eProxim has had one goal: solve complex technology problems so that our clients can focus on running and growing their business.

From our offices in Metro Atlanta, USA, our team of Senior Software Architects, Solution Designers, Software Engineers, User Interface Engineers, and Project Managers provide best-in-class services to our clients across the globe.


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